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If you are a male and have the Harris (or a variant spelling of the) surname, or if you know anyone who does, we hope you will consider participating in this Y-DNA testing project and/or telling others about this website. The more participants we have, the greater success we'll have in separating and/or combining the many Harris lineages.

Our Goal:

The purpose of this project is to try and establish as many Harris lines as possible. During this Y-DNA testing process, many of the Harris lines will be scientifically proven to descend from the same ancestors. It is our goal to build a large genealogical database to help all Harris researchers prove their family connections -- not only now, but also for future generations. This project will remain open and active as we continue to add others to accomplish our goal. It is necessary to have at least two participants and preferably three, from each documented and verified line in order to 'establish' a group.

The Y-chromosome signatures change very slowly over time and the pattern is usually stable over hundreds of years, but for some unknown and unexpected reason, a mutation can occur without notice in any generation. Male relatives who have an uninterrupted male-male link between them will share the same, or very similar Y-chromosome signatures.

The Y-line is particularly useful when a connection between different branches of a family is suspected but cannot be proven from written records. Using the Y-line, by comparing the Y-chromosome signatures, provides the answer.  For more info on if or how you are related to some one else in the study please click here.

A generation for genealogical purposes is usually considered to be 30 years, whereas a generation for DNA purposes is usually considered to be about 20-25 years. Some of the reasons that can cause a Y-line to be a non-match with a participants' previous genealogical paper research and/or family tradition include incorrect paper genealogy research; adoption; rape; or infidelity.

Family Tree DNA currently analyzes up to 111 different genetic sites (loci) to construct a Y-chromosome signature. Family Tree DNA is associated with Dr. Michael Hammer of the University of Arizona for the Y-chromosome DNA testing. Dr. Hammer is a highly respected geneticist who has done extensive research on the Y-chromosome Cohanim Project regarding Jewish priests, and continues to actively pursue surname genetic research. Dr. Hammer and Family Tree DNA are now testing with 111 DNA markers.  Family Tree DNA is also where the testing is being conducted for the Harris Surname Project.

To participate in the Harris DNA study, please go to the Join the Harris Project Page and fill out the order form.  Any other method in joining this project will not give you the group rate discount.  If it is financially feasible, you should then order the Y-DNA37 - - Male 37 marker paternal test (or the Y-DNA67 marker test).  Next, please send a genealogy chart of your known male Harris ancestry to the for our records.

Currently, the prices of testing are $99 (€70 or £61 approx) for 12 markers, $124 (€87 or £76 approx) for 25 markers, $149 (€104 or £92 approx) for 37 markers, $238 (€167 or £147 approx) for the 67 markers and $339 (€238 or £209 approx) for the 111 marker test.   The higher resolution tests are more useful to help to reduce the number of generations between you and a potential match.

We have over 640 participants in the Harris Surname Project. The vast majority have had their tests returned and the results are located on the results page.

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